Council of Tea-Leaves

The Grand Illusion

Whispered words to Desna


No rest for the wicked, they say….. Well, let me tell you, no rest for the Chaotic Good either! After a hard time adventuring, I took my rest, as both my body and your worship demands. They say I snored loudly while blade clashed against elemental beast, but I know nothing of this. It seemed my awakening was sharp and sudden, and who in his right mind would wish to wake up next to a Xorn?

Actually, who would wish to wake up and start the morning with a battle against an undead Medusa. The Evil gods must be testing us, oh Goddess of Dreams. Throw in evil soulblades, rascally halfings and re-awakened treants and you will see most clearly that we struggle ever in your honour, oh Queen.

But many thanks be due, for you have lifted the veil from our eyes and shown us the wiles of Drumvoro and the wicked ways of that rude and obnoxious servant, Roddenai. Roddenai! Aye! And an Eye for an Eye! What goes around, comes around, I say.

Desna, give us strength!


twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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