Council of Tea-Leaves

The diary of Lord Travarric
The ^%^$&££ magic portal

Lord Trevarric of Black Isle
The narrative of the adventures of a nobleman and his faithful companions; the memoirs of a gentleman explorer, adventurer and arch-mage.

We have returned from the dark underworld of the mountain having fought armies of ravenous monsters. Under my command we reinstated the ingenious ventilation system invented by the dwarfs to working order. The catacombs again fill with fresh air and the denizens of the mountain were saved from harm. On returning from the depths we happened upon a Slyph lord of the air that I immediately engaged in diplomacy with the aid of an interpreter. As the party had been plagued by the evil backstabbing of a Gashenki I agreed to a pact to exchange this villain in the shadow realm temporary with Aaron Glaw one of my party in order to bring him to justice. I explained carefully to the rest of my troop the plan for the morning to ambush this assassin.

I have no desire to cast reflections upon any of the parties engaged in this Expedition, and in these pages have simply stated facts, for the truth of which I can positively vouch. For all future leaders it is a prudent warning that no plan is ultimately fool-proof. The assassin appeared as commanded in the summoning circle in plain sight. But ill fortune struck as every bolt, arrow, blow and spell went wide. The fighters failed yet again to follow simple instructions to form a shield wall, how many times must I explain they have one job, one simple job,. So unimpeded the Gashenki charged me and I stood firm in mortal combat, blade against my wizard lore. Dodging blows I struck him down with one shocking blast. Davok, bless him, missed the killing blow against our prone foe. We might have won the day there but Moribund charged. The brave but impetuous fellow in his haste charged through the still open portal and disappeared in the shadow realm. It is a simple rule never to run into the mysterious magical portal by accident. To cut a long story short I had to cut another deal with the Slyph to exchange my trapped fellow(s) with the unconscious Gashenki. Still they are brave companions and I do not regret my decision. Aaron Glaw bid his farewells to spend more quality time with his steed Godsfear, a valuable lesson to future leader that love and loyalty can bind companions together tighter that glue of feudal bondage or mercenary payments. Aaran and Godsfear we salute thee.

But now I have to still keep a watchful eye other my shoulder for that shadow dancer; fornicate, fornicate, duck buggery, excrement, merde, retardoes… ^&$%&^&£^%…(*)&^..apologies I forgot to turn off the auto-scribe spell.

The Heart of the Mountain
A Prayer to Desna


Oh Great Dreamer, Queen of the North and Goddess of the Starry Night, hear the prayersong of your humble servant from the confines of a dark and dreary mountain, closed from your natural starlight and the only butterfly, a crude symbol worn by your loyal subject. Bless this group of ours with your Holy Favour. Show us your good will and restore us to our noble path, out of this mountain and into the cool night air where stars unseen can yet be felt through your gracious power.

Lissandra Glissander, wherefore art thou Kobold?
with a nod to Billy the Bard


Well met again, bright angel! For thou art
As glorious to this troubled oracle, being lower than my chops,
as a winged butterfly of Desna
Unto the dark reaching starless eyes
Of a mortal that falls back in golden gluttony,
touched by dwarven magic cast from puffy clouds
That sail upon the bosom of the air.

Lissandra Glissander, wherefore art thou Kobold?
Deny thy race and refuse thy treachery.
Or, if thou wilt not, be but human in my eyes,
And I’ll no longer hate your fellows.

Thou are thyself, but tainted by thine own,
in deed complicit, in league with snakes.
Lissandra, what’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet.
But Kobold is as Kobold does, Dragonheart,
and heart so rendered, now broken bittersweet.

How blind I was, bescreened in lust
So stumbled on my innocence, thou dost
revile me to my very soul, that I must turn from thee,
and in the treasured bowl now trust.
Lissander Glissander, wherefore art thou Kobold?

A Prayer to Desna


Honoured Desna, thank you for the strength to decline the bribes of Mammon, for the power to survive the wisdom draining allips and for your aid in smashing the evil construct. I also pray on behalf of my brother Trevarric of the Black Isle that you grant him the foresight to deliver a killing blow to his nemesis, that treacherous Githyanki.


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