Council of Tea-Leaves

Devil Woman

A divine plea from Moribund to Desna


And so in the final test comes a horror of horrors. Noble Desna, you fluttered your glorious wings and the flames on my burning body ceased. You guided me straight through dark corridors keeping me safe from ill distraction. Now, we come to the final test and I see before me such abhorrence as would contaminate the clear night sky of your realm.

Give me strength, oh Maiden! Bestow upon us your blessings as we engage wholeheartedly with this arrow flinging fiend and her devillish companion. How dare these abominations taint your world and try to keep us from the safe deliverance of the desperate people in this citadel.

Oh, pitiful souls! We shall not fail you.


twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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