Council of Tea-Leaves

Dragon Queen

A Prayer to Desna


It is said that the wings of a dragon can create such a wind as to knock a man off his feet.
Yet in Chaos theory, the wings of a butterfly can sustain such dramatic change throughout the world from just a tiny flap. It is that wing flutter that we seek, Oh Goddess of the Starry Night. For as we approach the tumultous heart of the mountain, let our own hearts be of even harder stone. Let us sing songs from the Eight Scrolls and defeat the Dark Lizard in your Most Glorious Name. Oh, and grant haste to the buffing of Aaron Glaw!


lols ^^

Dragon Queen

Grant haste to the buffing? That is a prayer that all PC’s should say!

Dragon Queen

LOL! He is a ranger that spends his first three to five rounds buffing, often only coming into the conflict at its very end.

Dragon Queen
twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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