Council of Tea-Leaves

Red Blades and Dark Shadows

Whispered words to Desna


With the wind of the wings of the butterfly behind us, we strode into the evil domain of he that is named The Red Blade. Countless were his minions, untold his mirror images.
From within the fog of dreams I was able to keep my friends and I alive as they battled bravely against all manner of beasts. In the end, it was not enough to save that valiant ranger of the Sable Company and we were forced to enter even darker tunnels.

Here there was not a flutter and I felt my eyesight dim, hardly believing such a thing possible. But through the HOLY power of Cayden Cailaen we pushed through, past the Demon of Darkness, to claim our prizes. Hard won they were and in the end that demon of dread remained unscathed; but at least we made it out, and our noble ranger lives. We had to reach out deftly to save the halfling, but luckily his love handles provide good grip and we were able to avert his certain death.

Your amulet I will wear with honour and pride throughout all my life, oh greatest Desna, Queen of Dreams!


twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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