Council of Tea-Leaves

The Beast

Private thoughts of Attius Findlayson


Wave hath inflicted such calamitous grief,
But we rest not, searching,
Through local warehouse,
Unrelenting as thief.
Ever wondrous, onward we creep
Till we awaken drowned dead from sleep.

Now in our most inconsolable peril,
We rest not, but fight,
The five of us,
Not only ghouls but new sea herald,
A monster so terrifyingly grim,
that with tentacles, sucks our life to him.

It battles us with both strength and mind,
With paralysing touch,
And grim compulsion,
It moves through players as a scythe,
But in the darkest room behind,
A rotten sea ghoul cleric we now find.

Who arms himself with steel and spell,
Resisting magic, even powerful spell,
And holds a grevious touch to heal his own,
And yet delivering harm as well.
How we rejoice that we did slay this beast,
And all its monsters ’ere our feast!


twiggyleaf twiggyleaf

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