The Crew of the Manticore 2


Dwarf crew

Vianna Geldenhoff – LN – Adult Gold Dragon wishing penance for succumbing to gold fever.

Zangen Billens – LN – Warrior/Expert 2/4 – Dwarf, Ship’s Engineer. Proud, stoic and rarely seen without the sooty mask of work on the furnaces.

Jorn ‘Sawbones’ Burkhardt – LN – Cleric 7 – Dwarf, Ship’s physician and spiritual advisor. Dour, short tempered and unsympathetic.

Girol Felsenfaus – LN – Expert 6 – Dwarf, Ship’s navigator and pilot.

Boso Hammerfall – LG – Expert 5 – Dwarf, Ship’s Rigger. Lively, friendly and humorous.

Guigo Ironglove – LG – Dwarf, Bard 6 – Ship’s mate, Missing an eye, hand and leg from a griffin attack. Leads the ship’s shanty singing.

Otto Motzger – LG – Dwarf, Warrior 5 – Strong as an ox and ugly beyond measure.

Brill Stamper – LG – Dwarf, Expert 6 – Old hand and experienced sailor. Misses his three daughters.

Myrkin Understone – LN – Dwarf, Warrior 5 – Scarred, tattooed and always armed, hates magic-users.

Bruner Weites – LN – Dwarf, Expert 5 – Exceptionally clean and tidy, perhaps a little O.C.D.?

Tolg Foam-supper – NG – Dwarf, Ranger 3, New recruit, partial to a beverage.

Trom Foam-supper – NG – Halfling, Ranger 3, Tolg’s blood brother, the two are inseparable.

Coboc Leaf-Spitter – N – Dwarf, Druid 2 – Ship’s Cook and grower of things herbal. Chews tobacco like a boss.

The Crew of the Manticore 2

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