Council of Tea-Leaves

A Matter of Perspective

The musings of a devotee.


All things are relative. Even time is relative, Moribund had once thought in a semi-lucid thought experiment that had, at a time, appeared to offer some sort of major enlightenment, but in the end had managed to extinguish itself by travelling over sixty feet away in some awful nightmare metaphor that clouded his perception.

But out here on the enlarged crevasses of Fraxinus exelsior (a common ash tree to most), the lines of relativity were clearly redrawn by two different artists from two different planes. Of those two, Moribund’s world artist was the lesser, if the measurement of relativity were to be taken as size.

Out here, on the cold gravity defying bark…. Gravity? A term one of his tutors had developed for the reason things fall to the ground. Even that was different here, as he and his companions seemed to wind their way through a crack in the bark as if it lay flat on the ground. But to return, out here on the cold bark, all things were clearly unusually large, relative to the interplanar travellers he and his companions represented.

Moribind thought back to his early Entomology lessons. Coleoptera (Beetles to most) were supposed to be small things. Sure, there were occasional giant specimens, but here on this otherwordly bark, it seemed their giant size was the norm. His budding theory of having been transported to a land of giants was further supported by a later Insecta attack from creatures of the order Hymenoptera, specifically, as he thought, Vespula vulgaris (Wasp to the common man). Praise be to Desna for her divine protection against those giant aggressors. Give me Lepidoptera anytime thought the Oracle, particularly of that gracious Family of Desna, Nymphalidae (Butterflies to most). Moribund’s spirit was lifted, just thinking of the possibility of such a glorious sight. Well, Desna WAS the Goddess of Dreams!


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