Council of Tea-Leaves

A Prayer to Desna


Honoured Desna, thank you for the strength to decline the bribes of Mammon, for the power to survive the wisdom draining allips and for your aid in smashing the evil construct. I also pray on behalf of my brother Trevarric of the Black Isle that you grant him the foresight to deliver a killing blow to his nemesis, that treacherous Githyanki.


“Amen to that” Trevarric voiced out-loud. Subconsciously he wondered what he could have negotiated out of the deal with Mammon. Not that the cultists or Mammon could necessarily be trusted. But for the sake of a nobleman’s appearance in from of the rest of the party it was best to decline outright and play the hero.

Then Trevarric’s thoughts quickly returned to plans to kill the Githyanki, She didnt deserve a quick death, picturing her wracked in pain under a shower of lighting strikes.Glancing around nervously the shadows seemed to grow and he could imagine her eyes glaring out from the darkness, watching him, waiting until his back was turned to strike. The hairs on he back of his neck stood up and he involuntarily shivered.

A Prayer to Desna

“Githyanki are almost always evil, though they can be chaotic, neutral, or lawful. Non-evil githyanki are one-in-a-million exceptions, and good githyanki are unheard of.” (I don’t know who said that, but I agree)

A Prayer to Desna
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