Council of Tea-Leaves

Livin' on a Prayer

Moribund speaks to his Goddess


Moribund Shine, Battle Mystery Oracle of Desna, waited for the crack of dawn before uttering the first words of his prayer. Although he had never seen the sun, Desna had always granted him a slight feeling of warmth on his skin as it rose, like the delicate wings of a butterfly carressing him as a dream."

“Oh, Lady of the Sky, Goddess of Dreams, thanks be to your guidance in this strange land. Praise the mighty arms of Tarkus, the healing strength of Davok, the arcane power of Trevarric, and the weird powers of Arthus. I pray you engage with Cayden Cailaen to divine a road to the perfect beer that we all seek as nourishment.”

“In this great land of giants, on the very boughs of Yggdrasil, I, your humble servant, give thanks for victory over Coleoptera and Vespula vulgaris, and indeed over the great lizard of cloud and swamp. By the ever-twinkling stars described in the Eight Scrolls of Your Word, please also grant me the boon to witness great Lepidoptera as a sign of your love.” And with that, the oracle looked to the night sky he could not see, and chanted the names of many stars. When he had finished, he bowed his head one last time and stood up, ready to proceed.

With a last look at his comrades, he placed his new helmet over his head, and prepared to walk with the others toward their glorious future.


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