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Tordelune ‘Tower of the Moon’

Tordelune is a medium sized coastal settlement (population c.900) that grew up around a granite quarry and an isolated astronomer’s tower made from the white granite. It was discovered that the granite had the property of creating a barrier impervious to divination magic and thus there is a steady demand for the granite.

The owner of the original tower, the wizard Ibn Havrev also owned the land and the mineral rights to the surrounding area and was careful to ensure that ‘demand always outstripped supply’ thus maximising his profit margins. Havrev’s family had a tradition of employing monks to guard their person and eventually a monastic settlement dedicated to Irori also grew up around the tower.

The local populace either work in the quarry, support the tower/monastery or are fisher-folk. Over time influence of the monastic settlement has grown to overtake that of the Astronomer’s Tower in day to day life.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral;
Type: Small Town;
Qualities: Abstinent, Academic;
Danger: +0
Disadvantages: None.
Government: Military/Magical Council;
Population: 900
Key People:
Grandmaster Farali;
High Seer J’ra Havrev;

Base Value/Purchase Limit: 1,000gp/5,000gp
Spellcasting: 6th Level
Items: 3d4 Minor, d6 Medium (75%).
Statistics: +3 Law, +4 Lore, -1 Society, – 1 Corruption.

Main Page

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